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Builder Buddies focus is to bring new/innovative products to all facets of the construction industry to make it more efficient and user-friendly. 

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Comfort Strap Wraps were developed for the comfort of those who wear knee pads in all facets of the construction industry. Those who wear knee pads periodically, as well as those who wear them daily will find the soft padded fleece material soothing and comfortable to the back of the legs. Builder Buddies Comfort Strap Wraps help prevent chafing, cuts, tears and straps rubbing the back of the legs raw. The Comfort Strap Wraps are easy to apply to existing knee pads. Once you try them, you may never look at wearing knee pads the same.   

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Builder Buddies Comfort Strap Wraps (for knee pads) are available for both Wholesale and Retail purchasing. They are currently available at www.Amazon.com under "builder buddies strap wraps". Watch for them coming soon to locations near you.

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